WordPress Top Winning CMS

WordPress is one of the 3 top leading Custom Developed Systems for the World Wide Web presently. The CMS, Content Management System, Wars have 3 solutions that have taken over the Land Scape. The competitors to WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. This recent research of CMS competitors have facts that support it. The most updated scale of the CMS War plat forms are supported by Sites in the World Wide Web. These Sites have proven over and over how WordPress significantly beats out Joomla and Drupal.
WordPress Top Winning CMS


Drupal is the third Content Management System that is in the lead. They may not be the top leading CMS, but there are advantages to their systems. Drupal is keeping up with the other competitors by staying consistent in their Site plat forms. The latest sliding scale was put up on the Internet in March 2012.

  • Their percentage usage rate was at a high of 2.0 %.
  • The market share value was up to 6.7 % percentage rate.
  • There have been no negative slides since March 2012.
  • Their continued popularity is keeping them as a top competitor.


Joomla is the second Custom Developed System in the lead. They are second in the CMS Wars. Their Landscape system is not at the top of the field, but have their own advantages. They are staying steady and holding their own against their competitors. Joomla’s facts were updated in the early part of 2012.

  • Their market share value was at a 9.2 percentage rate and continues to stay that way.
  • The usage rate for Joomla is at 2.7 % percent and stays balanced towards the end of the year.
  • The economy has caused a slight change in their usage rate, but they have come back fighting from it.


WordPress is by far the leading Content Management System in the CMS Wars. They have presented to the World Wide Web and its landscape the most factual evidence. These facts have shown over time why WordPress is the leading contender in its field. The most recent published facts were from March 2012.

  • WordPress is the only competitor that has had a large increase in usage.
  • Their market share value was at a whopping 53.8 % percentage rate. This rate just keeps on climbing with business growth.
  • WordPress’s usage was recently at 16.0 % percentage rate and that rate continues to climb steadily.

Content Management Systems, or CMS, are the basis behind Web Sites being created. The “C” Content is what makes the CMS Systems so popular to sought out.

  • The first reason is that the World Wide Web is ran on all types of content. Without a Content System being available, Internet Sites cannot be started and finished properly.
  • The second reasoning is that after Content is found, they cannot be formed into Sites without Businesses. Businesses purchase the sites, which in turn profits the Content Management Systems.
  • The third final reason is once the Sites are purchased by Businesses, customers read into the content for their personal needs. These consumers are shopping and reading into Business Sites from all around the World.

Knowing these factual statements on Content Management Systems, there is no question why WordPress is the leading contender of the CMS Wars. There are many benefits for consumers to operate through WordPress.


  • The first major benefit is how simple and easy it is for consumers, at affordable prices, to create and manage their own Web Site. All they need is their Business information to fill in their Site with Content.
  • On top of providing the Site, WordPress will give their own advice to their customers on how to achieve maximum profit.
  • Their consumers can easily add new posts or edit old information on their site. Through these benefits, consumers will reach new heights in their Businesses.
  • WordPress Developer gives their many customers a sense of Ownership and freedom to expand their growing Companies.
  • WordPress offers affordable packages for anyone to invest in.


WordPress is by far the most popular and well known CMS plat form. They are the best because of the experience they give their consumers. WordPress gives extraordinary performance to the Web Site visitors and Creators of their Content Systems. This gives their dedicated buyers and visitors a sense of loyalty, safety, and wanting to stay with the Company long term. Buyers do not have to worry about adding developers to their staff team because WordPress Developer gives them needed advice and tips on a 24/7 basis. Buyers make use of the round the clock customer service that WordPress offers.

Simple & Easy

WordPress strives to make their Buyers of Sites and visitors to those Web Pages their main focus. They have created a system over the years that is simple, easy to use, and affordable to all in this hard economy. They are constantly making revisions, adding features, and updating their customer service. WordPress Developer’s goal is the happiness of their Content Creators and Web Site visitors. They truly believe that focusing on their main goal keeps their business continuously thriving. Only Freelance WordPress developer Melbourne can help you to build the website of your dream. Do not waist you time and money, ask local developer for help!

WordPress offers articles to their Content buyers and Web Site visitors for viewing purposes. These Word articles provide a fast and smart Business Tool that will increase the profit of Content Sites set up. Their focus is to provide beneficial resources to maximize their profit.

  • These articles offer advice and tips on how to create fast, simple, clean, smart, and professional looking Sites.
  • The articles are all on an intermediate level that people in Business can relate to and read in a simple manner.
  • WordPress articles have live discussions with real buyers and visitors.
  • The final benefit to their articles is they offer a practical and simple view on Business Content Sites.

WordPress, over the years, has gained popularity in the CMS game. They started to really thrive when they came up with a post type mechanism. This specific mechanism was custom made through their Company. There was the Custom Taxonomies and Custom Post Types. These all worked together in extending how much and what type of Content could be put on their Web Sites.

WordPress offers a default set up to all new buyers. This set up is well put together and should not be changed. If by chance it is changed, the Content buyers will see Web Site problems in the future. The default set up can have new information added over time and not cause problems. Some basic functions for WordPress are also needed when new sites are put together. There are 5 of them and they all work together to benefit the Site. The default set up and the basic functions help WordPress process their Site easier. They also provide essential Business Tools that help the marketing team. WordPress benefits greatly from these Tools of the Trade.

Users in WordPress have a variety of managing roles that they are able to obtain. These roles of management are vital because of the functions that need to completed daily for WordPress to stay at the top of their field. These management positions have been filled since their original version 2.0.0. WordPress is at an advantage with the ability to micro manage the set up process for user roles. WordPress Developer hires a marketing team that will over look the Buyers Content Sites and Visitors of those Web Sites. This takes pressure off the owners of WordPress, so they can focus on making the Business thrive. The marketing team has access to search topics that have been looked through and statistics important to the Company. The marketing team does various jobs in the Company. All the user jobs in the marketing team are vital to WordPress. The marketing team is the core of WordPress’s Content Management Systems.

  • The first user job is an Administrator. The Administrator looks over the other team members. They make sure that the marketing team stays on task and gets the assigned work done.
  • The next user position would be the Publisher. The Publisher puts out posts that benefit the Site by attracting buyers and visitors. They review posts and make changes when necessary. This keeps WordPress’s site cleaned up and looking very professional.
  • The third job is the Editor. The Editor’s main position is to edit any posts that are made by the Publisher. This detailed task takes pressure off of of the Publisher and Administrator. The editor uses their attention to detail skills to catch the small mistakes on Site.
  • The final job is customer service. The customer service Department for WordPress Developer is made up of multiple people working online, over the phone, and answering mail. They all play an important role of keeping consumers happy and content.

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