Blogging For Beginners

blog writingWhether you are first time bloggers or seasoned bloggers simply looking to refresh your craft, these tips on attracting more readers will help you be more mindful about the crafting of your post’s ideas and words, for quality content that guests and subscribers can’t wait to get lost in.

Beginner Bloggers Learn Exciting Tips for Attracting More Readers

Australia, March 30, 2016-It is said that blogging should be a journey. This means, instead of rushing through posts like they are nothing more than factory outputs, bloggers should instead pause during writing, especially during key moments, in order to create compelling posts, free of errors, that actually take your readers somewhere. The idea should be to help your readers escape, so to speak, by embarking on a gripping journey of understanding and knowledge that can be used throughout their daily lives. These types of posts not only tend to gain more traction with readers, which helps increase traffic, but also encourages them to become subscribers. For serious bloggers looking to improve their posts as well increase their traffic, these 16 tips will help.

Domain name

Select a proper domain name. An easy domain name makes you easier to locate for those who wish to spread the word about your page. People are eager to talk about blogs they like when they are speaking with family and friends etc., so selecting a memorable name helps make it easier to pass on your URL. Focus on small, easy to remember domain names, then move on to correct keywords, once you get the hang of it.


targetChoose a good topic. Choosing a good topic is an important factor for your post. This not only helps set the stage for your post, but it also allows your ideas to flow freely. Select a topic that matters to your readers, then immerse yourself in the subject in order to deliver maximum impact to your readers.


Select an engaging title. Your title is the greeting card for your post, therefore, it is another crucial part of your page. This is the point where readers begin and alerts them as to what’s to come. The title of your post will either make readers want to read on or click off, so choose wisely.

Choose a great opening line. The opening line is your first impression, therefore, it should seek to draw readers deeper into your post.

Add depth. Before publishing your post, take a step back and consider how you could make it more helpful and memorable for your readers.

Write major pillar articles

smartWrite major pillar articles. A pillar article seeks to teach your readers something. They are generally written in tutorial style, with no more than 500 words, and provide lots of tips and advice, such as a good “how to” lesson. Pillar articles aren’t time or news related, so they have long term appeal and offer true insight and value. The more pillar articles you incorporate into your page, the better.


Submit your latest pillar to a blog carnival. A blog carnival is a post inside a jacaranda blog that outlines a cluster of articles from various different posts on a particular subject. You should aim to obtain some of the best content on a given subject in a stated week, because quite often many other pages link back to carnival hosts, therefore, bloggers who have articles featured in the carnival often experience an increase in readers. You can find a list of carnivals and submit your articles using the Carnival Submit Form.


Trackback to other blogs in your posts. When you publish a new article to your page and it references or links to another blogger’s article, you are able to do a trackback to their entry. This means, you leave a brief summary of your post on their post entry, sort of like alerting someone else’s page that you wrote an article referencing them.

This technique not only leaves a useful link from another blog back to yours for readers to follow, but it also gains the attention of the other blogger. The other blogger may be eager to learn what you wrote about them, which may prompt them to visit your page. They may simply monitor your page, become a loyal follower or even do a post link to your page, which will help generate more readers for your page.


Polish your post. Before submitting your post, inspect it for errors. Minute errors can be a hindrance to some readers, which can divert them from your page. Allow yourself time to address typos, ensure sure links work properly and make sure the post looks good, which will help take your page to the next level.

Encourage comments

Encourage comments on your blog. When readers see others commenting on your page they may infer that you have a loyal following and that your content is good, which may prompt them to hang in there and see what your page is about. Therefore, you should always encourage comments on your page. This can be done by simply poising a question in your post. Also, be sure to always respond to comments in order to keep the conversation going. This not only helps raise more interest in the topic, but also helps generate more followers.

Comment on other blogs. Once you have polished your post and filled it with depth, it is ready to be shared with the world. One way of attracting the right followers for your page is by commenting on other pages with similar topics as yours, since the readers there have already expressed an interest in your niche. Most blogging systems allow the title and name linked to your page to be visible when commenting, so people can find your page.

New post every day

KeyWrite a new post every day. When your page is brand new, it is important to keep it fresh in order to gain a loyal following. This can be done by providing daily news and short articles, while also working on your five pillars. The idea here is to demonstrate to new visitors that your page is updated on a regular basis, so if they were interested in returning the next day, they are likely to find something new. This may inspire them to bookmark your page, or better yet, become a subscriber.

Once you have gained your ideal following, you can slow down your posting to maybe just a few times a week, however, the first few months of a new blog are critical, so you should post as often as possible.

Timing of publishing your posts. Timing is everything when it comes to posting, therefore, strategically plan your posts so the right people see it at the right time.


Submit your blog to Submitting your page to won’t net you thousands of new readers overnight, but it’s simple and easy to do, so why not? To submit your page, simply go to Blogtopsites, locate the proper category for your page, then submit it. You may only gain from 1 to 10 new readers a day, but over time, it adds up.

Submit your articles to Put your pillar articles to work for you by submitting them to Ezine Articles. Again, this is not a “get visitors quick scheme,” but it can help establish you as credible and increase traffic to your site as visitors republish your piece in their newsletters or on their own website.

How this works: once you sign up, you create your own resource box which serves as a sort of signature file where you add a few sentences and link back to your page. From then on, anyone who publishes your article has to include your resource box, which means you get incoming links.

Write more pillar articles

Write more pillar articles. Building pillars is probably the strongest technique you can use for your page. Without strong pillar articles in place, you may attract all the readers you want with the previous techniques, but it won’t keep them. You should strive to produce at least one strong pillar article a week, and before you know it, you’ll have a full database of incredible feature articles that will go a long way towards both attracting and keeping more readers.


loveTaking the extra time and care to create quality posts is evident in your work, which new readers will pick up on, just as rushing and not taking the proper care is often reflected in your posts. Remember, before creating your post, take time to reflect on your audience and what you have to offer, in order to provide your readers with the best experience possible. Allow yourself time to pause momentarily to get it just right. This could mean taking a few hours or even a few days to ponder the various details of your post. Time is precious, so show your readers you value theirs by making it your goal to deliver quality posts.

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